99% of Internet Opportunities are brutal scams

The "Gurus" are out to get you. They will mercilessly take advantage of your desire to make money on the internet, selling you ridiculously low quality e-books, promising you riches. In reality, you will just waste money on their rubbish. Do not make step further on the internet without reading this ...

Do you have any interest in making money on the internet? Would you be interested in:

  • Making $10,000 a day in your pyjamas?
  • Becoming an internet millionaire with 5 minutes work a day
  • How about $4000 a week with our revolutonary new system?
  • Or maybe $15,000 a day - Guaranteed?

Are you burning with curiosity? Are you mesmorised by the photos:

Are you thinking...but what if it's true?

STOP RIGHT THERE, you've been suckered.

There are some basic things you need to know before you go one click further on the internet. I have read dozens of these ebooks, and I'll give you some FREE information.

  • 99% are re-hashed. They will take existing ebooks, mix bits together, rewrite them and sell. The only bits that are different are the exellent sales letters that use psychological ploys to trap you.
  • 99% of the information is OLD. It made a profit for someone, once, and maybe it was easy back then because no-one else was doing it. But after 5,000 ebooks are sold the info becomes very old, and very useless very quickly.
  • 99% of the information they are *selling* is already available on the internet for *FREE*.

So what's to do? You want the money, but you need to avoid the traps. Well...

I have written an e-book myself. It's an e-book antidote, the antidote to all the scams out there. I'm fighting fire with fire. It's 100% FREE, and in it I tell you:

  • More information on exactly what these "Gurus" are up to
  • The psychological tricks they use to reel you in
  • How to avoid being scammed by Roulette and Gambling systems
  • How to spot an ebook scam
  • The basic FACTS you can arm yourself with to combat these peddlars of false hope

and finally, most importantly

  • Where you can find the same information for FREE on the internet
  • The remaining 1% of products that will actually help you make money on the net.

I've read dozens and dozens of these ebooks. Only a couple actually helped me. I'll let you know what they are.

LIMITED TIME - Only 100 76 34 23 copies left! Offer closes in

This is a great trick I learnt from the scammers. I claim there are only 23 copies left, and the offer is minutes away from closing. Look, I even have a timer - it must be true! Of course, it's a lie. You can come back whenever you want. It's just a psychological trick. I have a whole list of them in the ebook. It makes interesting reading.

How to get your free ebook

Just enter your name and email below! Again, this is a common scammer trick. They'll offer you a free related ebook in exchange for a name and email address. You'll then receive emails every now and again pushing their main (and other) products. To be fair, they won't sell your email. I'm doing the same but, with a difference:

  • I won't push you crappy ebooks.
  • I will let you know about only GENUINE, non-crappy information that's FREEly available on the net
  • Once in a while if a genuine stellar paid-for product comes along (and there aren't many) I may let you know
  • I will, of course, never even think about passing your email along to a third party

So, all it takes is your name an email. Come over to the bright side of the net.

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