PLR Wholesaler Review

The Facts

Name: PLR Wholesaler
02nd October 2010
Price: $77

Publisher’s Description

Gain FREE Lifetime Access To This Huge, Ever-Growing Package Of Top QUALITY Private Label Rights Products That You Can Put To Work For You Immediately!

  • 100+ Internet Marketing Training Videos!
  • Internet Marketing Software with Source Code Rights.
  • Top Quality Affiliate Landing Pages & Minisites.
  • Unique Software – Affiliate Track! – Internet Marketing Audios with PLR

Places to Purchase

PLR Wholesaler isn’t similar to a standard book or course. It is a digital product, and so following purchase you will be redirected to a web-site and download it straight away. Therefore it is not on the market to purchase from standard stores – the only site you can purchase it is through the web-site. Just click the ‘Go to Opportunity’ button underneath to be taken there.

Product Buzz

I’ve looked over the sales stats for this product and given it a score out of 100 for the amount of excitement and sales it is producing. A fashionable product is obviously a superb sign. PLR Wholesaler scores 74.51/100 which is around standard. The product still has some way to go before it attains blockbuster status.

The conclusion

Since I haven’t had time to try out this product yet, I’m going to leave the overall conclusion down to you. So if you have tried this product make sure you leave your score below and leave a comment in the comments section.

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User comments

Shane Dolby
Shane Dolby
Hi Gabor, I really love your Membership. Lots of great Products and with PLR is a great bonus. You are constantly adding new products. Thanks so much for such a wonderful offer
Dirk Dupon
Dirk Dupon
Hi Gabor, I just can’t believe what you’re offering here -and all this for free!!! With this amount of PLR works, people will no longer have an excuse to not set up an Info-Business, and sell tons of new reports, Ecourses, Ebooks, etc. Thanks again for your hard work, delivering all this quality info!
John Sullivan
John Sullivan
Hi Gabor, I would like to say a big thank you for the quality products I have downloaded from plrwholesaler. These products really are good quality and hopefully will enable me to make many sales. Keep up the good work.

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