Rapid Income Creator Review

The Facts

Name: Rapid Income Creator
01st September 2010
Price: $49.95
Author John Carter

Publisher’s Description

Discover The Turnkey Income Creator That Practically Prints Money For You Automatically… The Lazy Way!

  • Discover the NO Product Creation Secret! You’ll be able to make money in a matter of hours once you’ve mastered this! (No Product Necessary)
  • You have more knowledge about something than most people who are making tons of money with it but you can’t get the money you deserve.
  • Uncover the secret method to generating ‘steady, dependable and continual ‘Autopilot Income’ like clockwork!
  • A single ‘work every time’ process for identifying wildly profitable niches.¬†We did all the work for you!
  • YES, this is an almost 100% automatic way to make money online and 99% of people have NEVER seen this yet!
  • Get access to the secret “Money Pages” I use to make non-stop cash payments to my account daily!
  • Get access to the secret “Money Pages” I use to make non-stop cash payments to my account daily!
  • You know you are worth it but you are not willing to spend on your own self improvement.
  • You are struggling with money and finances but have no clue how to help yourself.
  • No office or rent – just a computer and internet connection is all that is needed

Places to Purchase

Rapid Income Creator is not similar to a typical book or course. It is a digital product, which means that following purchase you will be redirected to a internet site where you can download it instantly. Consequently it isn’t available to purchase through normal retailers – the sole place you can buy it is through the rapidincomecreator.com web site. Simply click the ‘Go to Opportunity’ button underneath to be taken there.

Product Popularity

I have checked out the sales stats for this product and given it a score out of 100 for the quantity of buzz and sales it is generating. A popular product is obviously an excellent sign. Rapid Income Creator scores 64.69/100 which is good. Generally there won’t be lots of products that sell in this quantity or even create this volume of buzz. It’s a good indicator.


Given that I haven’t had the opportunity to try out this product yet, I’m going to leave the bottom line up to you. So for those who have tried out this product please leave your rating below and add a comment in the comments section.

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