Surveys 4 Checks Review

The Facts

Name: Surveys 4 Checks
30th September 2010
Price: $49.99

Publisher’s Description

Make Money Online while Working From Home Taking Paid Surveys. 100% Legitimate. Gain Access to the Top Paying Survey Sites.

  • Taking Surveys is simple. Anyone can do it because the surveys are related to subjects YOU like!
  • The great thing is, anyone can do it from ANYWHERE in the world! All you need is either a bank account for direct deposit, Paypal, or an address to receive plain old checks!
  • We have created a unique system that has allowed all of our partners to initiate surveys with you quickly, and efficiently.
  • We supply our members with a list of HUNDREDS of companies.
  • You will be busy for months taking surveys and your inbox will be filled with opportunities everyday! .

Places to Buy

Surveys 4 Checks is not really similar to a regular book or course. It’s a digital product, and so after purchase you’ll be redirected to a web page where you can download it straight away. This means that it isn’t available to purchase from normal retailers – the sole place you can buy it is from the internet site. Just click the ‘Go to Opportunity’ button down the page to be taken there.

Product Popularity

I’ve checked out the sales statistics for this product and awarded it a rating out of 100 for the volume of buzz and sales it is producing. A well known product is needless to say a fantastic sign. Surveys 4 Checks scores 77.57/100 which is about average. The product continues to have some distance to go before it attains smash hit status.

The results

Due to the fact I haven’t had time to check out this product yet, I’m going to leave the overall conclusion up to you. So if you have tested out this product please leave your score below and also add a comment in the feedback section.

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User comments

Steven D.
Steven D.
I just wanted to tell you that I was skeptical and first but was able to make $800 last month spending 2 hours a day. I sent you some proof to post so others can see what hard work gets you. I plan on putting in more time this month and trying to double my income from paid opinion sites! I told my friends and family about Surveys4Checks and they are excited to start learning too! Thanks so much.
Mark W.
Mark W.
I just wanted to tell you that I have joined many of the paid membership sites and you have the most information and update it way more than the other ones. I’m canceling my membership at the other ones and sticking with Surveys4Checks. Your e-mail response time has been fabulous! Keep up the good work I will be sending some proof soon so you guys can post it. I love having this extra cash to pay my bills with, thank you very much!
Michelle S.
Michelle S.
I felt like Surveys4Checks cared about their customers and wanted me to succeed. Their support was fabulous and always answered my questions promptly. Now I have some extra cash to help pay the bills and do a little shopping! I cannot say enough about the opportunity this has given me and my family.. anyone can do it even my son starting college!

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