The CB code Review

The Facts

Name: The CB code
14th October 2010
Price: $77
Author Web Master

Publisher’s Description

Follow My Blueprint For Easy Online Wealth Using ClickBank

  • 5 hours of high quality video tuition…it’s as simple as watch me, repeat what I do, then watch the commissions flood your account
  • A lifestyle where you “work” whenever you feel like it and do it on your own terms…
  • A simple to follow guide to quickly and easily getting your online business into profit
  • How to use Adwords without losing your shirt…Adwords is so powerful that 99.9% of people are doing everything wrong – but you’ll be sucking in the traffic for next to nothing
  • To make more money this month than you ever have before

Where to Buy

The CB code is not really like a regular book or course. It’s a digital product, which means following purchase you will be redirected to a webpage for you to download it immediately. Therefore it is not on the market to purchase through regular retailers – the sole site you can buy it is through the internet site. Simply click the ‘Go to Opportunity’ button below to be taken there.

Product Buzz

I have looked at the sales statistics for this product and awarded it a rating out of 100 for the quantity of hype and sales it is generating. A popular product is obviously a superb sign. The CB code scores 71.41/100 which is about average. The product really has some length to travel before it achieves hit status.

The bottom line

Because I haven’t had the opportunity to check out this product yet, I’m going to leave the overall conclusion down to you. So if you have tried out this product be sure to leave your score below and leave a comment in the feedback section.

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